Preventive treatment – Reduce new cavities and fillings!

Preventing Problems is important to us - Why?

We Love NOT Having To Do Fillings!
I don't think anyone ever wants to have fillings! There's nothing better than avoiding some drilling and filling. We will do everything we can to help you avoid getting fillings.
A Natural Smile for Life
Keep your natural smile, with healthy, beautiful teeth and gums. For life! Did we say just before we don't actually like doing fillings? It's true!
Whole Body Health
Healthy teeth helps a healthy body. You need to be able to talk, laugh, smile, eat and function at your maximum ability. Prevent problems before they occur, and you'll be happy - for life!

So what can I do to prevent dental problems?

Fissure Sealants
Fissure Sealants are an amazing yet simple way to prevent holes (cavities) in the grooves of your back teeth. It's painless, affordable, and can minimise the risk of cavities in every tooth we do a sealant on. From kids to adults, fissure sealants stop tiny bits of food getting stuck in your teeth, which lead to cavities!
Fluoride Treatments
Your teeth need all the reinforcing mineral it can get! Most toothpastes have a low amount of Fluoride in them - however, especially after a thorough dental cleaning to remove plaque, your teeth will benefit hugely from a stronger version of Fluoride which only dentists have access to. A simple 2 minute fluoride treatment can boost the strength of your teeth, making them stronger.
Tooth Mousse and Home Fluoride
For some people, you might be at high risk of problems because of dentures, a dry mouth, or naturally weaker teeth. We have specific ways to build up your resistance to problems, including Tooth Mousse and home fluoride treatments.