Verdant Dental are welcoming new patients!

New Patients are welcome at Verdant Dental at Suite 1, Level 1, 326 Keilor Road Niddrie Vic 3042!

With the last two years best forgotten, it’s nice to feel like life is returning to normal! Verdant Dental is open weekdays and Saturdays by appointment.

We often get asked if we accept new patients – of course, we welcome all to our clinic!

Some of the most common reasons we see new patients are:

  • Second Opinions – sometimes you might wonder if you’ve received the best possible advice. We always discuss a range of treatments to help you get the best dental care. For example, porcelain veneers are an amazing way to get a beautiful smile. There are also other ways – including professional tooth whitening, cosmetic composite bonding and more!
  • Dentures (False Teeth) – we are fortunate to have Mr Jeremy Kearns available on Wednesdays operating his denture clinic, Jeremy is one of Melbourne’s best denture technicians. For an appointment with Jeremy, please call us on 9379 3736!
  • Online Dental Appointments – if you’re busy all day long, you can browse available dental/dentist appointments at Verdant Dental, 1/1 326 Keilor Road Niddrie by clicking here!
  • Dental Treatment under sedation or anaesthetic. Most treatments can be done without general anaesthetic or sedation with our gentle dentists.Dr Helen Marchant from Western Special Needs Dentistry is also available 2 days a week. Helen performs a range of dental treatment under “happy gas” sedation, or general anaesthetic for advanced cases. For an appointment with Helen, please see Western Special Needs Dentistry.


Tim is the owner of Verdant Dental - but he'd rather spend all day playing with dogs and his Playstation. Except there's this "day job" thing where he actually enjoys talking and relating to his patients at Verdant Dental - creating healthier, happier smiles with a wonderful team to make the days fly by!