Free denture (false teeth) consultations at Verdant Dental Keilor Road!

Dentures and False Teeth at Verdant Dental
Mr Jeremy Kearns, Advanced Dental Technician

Free Denture Consultations at Verdant Dental every Wednesday!

Mr Jeremy Kearns constructs amazing new dentures and false teeth! You should call us on 9379 3736 for an appointment if you need denture repairs, additions or modifications.

Jeremy also makes new false teeth that look natural, feel comfortable and help you smile, speak and eat better.

Why do dentures get loose? With time, your gums will usually shrink a little every year, but the denture won’t change much. A gap can form where food gets caught, and metal clips can also get loose and weak with age. Any false teeth over 5 years should be reviewed annually.

Tooth extractions required? Dr Alpa Lodhiya is an experienced dentist who can gently and kindly remove any bad teeth

Sometimes teeth get loose, sore or infected, and that’s never comfortable. If you have a toothache that’s been around for a while and might need to be pulled, call us on 9379 3736 for an appointment. You can also book dental appointments at Verdant Dental Keilor Road online. We can organise free (bulk billed) large dental jaw xrays which are essential for many tooth extraction appointments. We are also able to prescribe antibiotics and pain relief for serious problems. Ideally we need to reduce large infections before attempting to remove teeth.


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