Free Denture Consultations at Verdant Dental on Keilor Road!

Did you know we operate a Denture Clinic every Wednesday at Verdant Dental?

Mr Jeremy Kearns, Verdant Dental
Mr Jeremy Kearns

Jeremy operates our denture clinic at Verdant Dental, located at Suite 1, Level 1, 326 Keilor Road, Niddrie. Jeremy is available every Wednesday, and offers a free initial consultation to check and assess your denture!

Did you know that your teeth and gums slowly move and change throughout your life? When you’ve had a tooth removed, the gums heal within a few weeks, but the bone can take months to harden up. Then as the years go by, the gums and bone slowly shrink as well. This can often lead to your denture becoming loose, or cracking if the gums don’t support it well. You shouldn’t really have a gap between your false teeth and your gums.

What can be done for old dentures to make them better?

Sometimes Jeremy can reline (refit) the denture to your gums. This is usually only possible for relatively new dentures – within a couple of years old. If your dentures are more than 4-5 years old, often they’re already quite worn out. Usually the teeth don’t look like teeth anymore and are quite flat! In this case, Jeremy can design and manufacture new false teeth for your – partial or full dentures.

Jeremy works directly with the dentists at Verdant Dental!

The best thing about seeing Jeremy is that he works directly with the dentists at Verdant Dental. In case you have a loose or bad tooth that needs to be extracted, this can be done all within the one clinic! We can also offer immediate dentures. If you are suitable for immediate dentures, it can be possible to have a tooth (or several teeth) removed at Verdant Dental, then Jeremy can place and adjust your immediate denture at the same appointment! We also offer free OPG dental xrays (by referral to the xray clinic downstairs) to save time and costs for your dental treatment.

Call us to make an appointment to see Jeremy!

Call us on 93793736 Monday to Friday and ask for an appointment to see Jeremy!


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