Cosmetic Tooth Whitening Bleaching – available at Verdant Dental Niddrie!

With Insta, selfies and #holidays being so important nowadays, you might be wondering how you can enhance your smile!

At Verdant Dental, we recommend and prescribe SDI Pola for tooth whitening. This is a cosmetic dental procedure that can help you to achieve a brighter set of pearly whites!

Here’s how it works!

  1. Call us on 93793736 or book your tooth whitening consultation online by clicking here!
  2. Your amazing Niddrie Dentist (Tim, Tina, Christina, Alpa or Shann) will conduct a professional dental examination (which may require xrays) to ensure your suitability for tooth whitening. Beware of nondentists (including “beauticians”, “whitening clinics” who aren’t qualified dentists) as they won’t be able to check for many conditions which can react badly with tooth whitening. We’ll discuss important considerations such as effects on existing fillings/crowns/veneers, possible side effects and their management, and longterm expectations.
  3. Once we determine you’re OK to proceed with tooth whitening, our usual recommendation is a take-home course of tooth whitening. We’ll take your jaw impressions to ensure a perfect, unique bleaching kit can be custom made for you. We only use Australian Made dental tooth bleach, proudly manufactured in Bayswater, Victoria by Southern Dental Industries. Beware of Gumtree/Facebook unregistered tooth whitening “salons” who use non TGA approved products from overseas!
  4. Once your custom bleaching kit is ready, we’ll make a short appointment to discuss how the bleaching kit works and answer any further questions you have!
  5. Finally, you might find there are other cosmetic dental issues you want address – for example, replacing discoloured old fillings, or masking crooked/rotated teeth. We’re happy to discuss at any time your concerns!

Important facts to consider about cosmetic tooth whitening

Lately we’ve been asked a lot about Facebook and Gumtree ads for “tooth whitening”. Often these ads are run by unregistered non dentists. We are not able to comment on dental treatment provided by people who are not registered as dentists. It is your responsibility to ensure dental treatment is carried out by a registered, professionally trained dentist.

All the dentists at Verdant Dental are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and registered with the Australian Dental Association.

Our modern facility uses a Melag Autoclave and stringent infection control tracking to ensure all dental instruments are sterilise at the point of use, or single-use disposable items.

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