Broken tooth – fix it before you lose it! Another true Tale from the Dentist!

Broken a tooth or lost a filling?

So the other day I had a bloke come to see me – hadn’t come in years.  Let’s call him John, for example. Dentists tend to ask the same kind of questions when you’ve got a broken tooth – when did it happen, is it sore, can you eat on it?

Don’t leave it too long!

When did it happen? “Erm… about 6 months ago? It didn’t hurt then, but now my face is all swollen and I thought I might get it checked out!”

Unfortunately by this time, there was nothing left to save.  John’s tooth (which he broke on an olive seed, by the way) might’ve been fixable 6 months ago or may be 5 months ago, but not by now! By the time you get a swelling, it’s a bit too late. Pretty much every time it means your tooth is dead – died, gone, rotten, nil, nada, whatever you want to to call it.

Antibiotics for a tooth infection can help – but it’s not the solution!

The only thing I could do at the time was place a medicated dressing over the little “stump” of a tooth that was left and prescribe some antibiotics for the swelling (the infection). We often get asked if we can “pull” a rotten tooth immediately. However what usually happens is there’s so much infection in the lump in your gum, the anaesthetic doesn’t work. And no one enjoys trying to pull a tooth without anaesthetic!

Tooth and Teeth extractions

Once the antibiotics have reduced the swelling and infection (and there’s not so much pain anymore) then that’s the correct time to pull your tooth. Fortunately here at Verdant Dental, we have the wonderful and amazing Dr Alpa Lodhiya who is a magician when it comes to removing teeth. Alpa is experienced in minor oral surgical procedures. However now all teeth can be extracted here – we assess the most difficult cases for referral to our local trusted oral surgeons for attention.

Emergency Appointments available at short notice!

Should you have a broken tooth, lost a filling and particularly if you have a swelling in your face, cheek or gum, call Verdant Dental on 9379 3736 and ask for an emergency appointment! Particularly mention if you have a swelling/lump that has come up, as we will do our best to see you on the same day. If you have some other medical problems/medications, a mouth, tooth or gum infection can be serious so don’t delay!


Tim is the owner of Verdant Dental - but he'd rather spend all day playing with dogs and his Playstation. Except there's this "day job" thing where he actually enjoys talking and relating to his patients at Verdant Dental - creating healthier, happier smiles with a wonderful team to make the days fly by!