Kids dentist appointments during the Melbourne school holidays still available!

These winter school holidays are usually taken up with indoor activities. Movies, sleepovers, board games, and usually a few too many sweet things!

So why not do something exciting – bring your kids to get their little chompers checked out? At Verdant Dental, we’ve seen heaps of the local schoolkids in for their checkups! And just the ones I recall seeing over the last 3-4 days have been from

  • Essendon North Primary
  • Lowther Hall
  • Penleigh and Essendon Grammar (Dr Alpa Lodhiya’s old school!)
  • St John Bosco
  • St Bernard’s College

Of course, Dr Christina Romanella and Dr Alpa Lodhiya have also seen heaps more kids from other schools – all are welcome!

It’s super important to get your kids teeth checked!

Often we think “No pain – no worries!” But the problem with tooth cavities is that by the time it hurts, it’s too late – you might need root canals or even extractions by then! The same goes for your children – but because baby teeth are tiny and pretty fragile, problems in baby teeth happen even quicker. A short, gentle and entertaining checkup for your son or daughter can help avoid later problems when they grow up!

Free kid’s dental checkups bulk billed to Medicare for eligible children!

Some children can get their checkups, cleans and most other toothy things done for free! To check if you’re eligible, call us on 9379 3736 and just ask! We’ll get your Medicare card number over the phone and call you back to confirm eligibility.



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