Simple, affordable adult orthodontics coming to Verdant Dental!



Tim and Cherie at a QST Orthodontics seminar

QST Orthodontics now available at Verdant Dental! Simple, effective and affordable adult orthodontic treatment for minor problems!

Recently Tim and Cherie attended a QST Orthodontic seminar in Melbourne. We have had many people come to our dental practice with frustrations over minor crooked teeth. There are many approaches to this problem, including composite or porcelain veneers and crowns. However these solutions sometimes involves cutting your natural tooth structure, whereas some minor orthodontic work might actually avoid this concern.

Verdant Dental are now able to provide adult QST orthodontics in the practice – this is suitable for minor problems of crowding, spacing and alignment. It is not suitable for children.

How is QST Orthodontics quicker and cheaper than traditional orthodontics?

Typically, traditional orthodontics involves around two years of metal braces for your upper and lower teeth, with treatment costs from $7,000-10,000. This allows correction of multiple tooth alignment problems. We often have many adults concerned about only one aspect of their smile. For example, a few too many spaces, or a tooth or two twisted out of alignment. If you’re happy to have only these aesthetic problems addressed (and possibly leaving some less obvious “problems” alone) then QST may be an acceptable treatment method for you. Treatment is often (not always) completed under 6 months, and for longterm stability you will usually require both a fixed and removable retainer. For smaller cases only involving just upper teeth (or just lower teeth), treatment costs for QST may only be around $3,000 or less!

A thorough and precise assessment of your teeth alignment helps us decide if QST Orthodontics is right for you!

QST Orthodontics involves a thorough assessment of your occlusion. Occlusion means all the different aspects of how your teeth are lined up.

  • A jaw xray (also called an OPG). Any of the dentists at Verdant Dental can refer you for an OPG at the xray clinic downstairs. This is free of charge, as it is covered by Medicare.
  • A set of photographic records – both of your profile, and of your teeth.
  • A comprehensive orthodontic assessment, checking many measurements of your jaws and teeth
  • A set of plaster models of your upper and lower jaw, in order for us to accurate assess your teeth and jaw size

Is this like Invisalign? Can I see my braces?

Invisalign is a brand name for “clear aligners”, just like Coke and Pepsi are brand names for cola drinks. QST is new brand name, using 3M Ceramic brackets and/or clear aligners to achieve a great looking smile that’s hard to detect!


After your assessment, we might recommend either the 3M Clear Brackets, the Clear Aligners, or a combination of both.

I’m ready for an orthodontic assessment!

Contact us on 93793736 and ask for an orthodontic assessment appointment with Dr Tim Wenas! Just as a reminder, QST is unsuitable for children (less than 18 years old). We work with many local orthodontic specialists too. If you happen to be unsuitable for QST Orthodontics, we can arrange a referral to our local orthodontists. They are located around Keilor, Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Strathmore and Niddrie.



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