Wisdom tooth/teeth pain or hurting? We might be able to help!

Wisdom Teeth – from teenagers, to all ages; they can cause problems!

Personally, I was 19 when I had four of my wisdom teeth removed. My problem was that the bottom two were “impacted”. This means they were horizontal and pushing on my other molar teeth- same thing happened to my brother! We’ve had a few patient recently at Verdant Dental who are going into Year 12, and typically this is the lat thing you need at this age! We get many school kids from surrounding areas (Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Strathmore, Keilor) coming to us at Verdant Dental – all are welcome!

Do I need my wisdom teeth taken out?

Not all wisdom teeth cause pains or problems. At Verdant Dental we assess each patient individually to see what’s best for you. We organised a free wisdom tooth xray (also called an OPG) which is done quickly and covered by Medicare. This is not the same as regular dental xrays – it shows wisdom teeth very well, but it doesn’t show tooth decay or fine detail well. Based on this xray and your symptoms, we can let you know what your treatment options might be! You might be lucky enough to not need your wisdom teeth taken out!

Do I have to go to hospital for wisdom tooth extractions?

The answer is – it depends! For very complicated wisdom teeth extractions, sometimes a hospital stay is unavoidable. However, we’re lucky to have Dr Alpa Lodhiya at Verdant Dental, who has a particular interest and skill in dental extractions. You may be able to avoid a hospital stay for your wisdom tooth problems, after we perform a thorough assessment of your case. We take into account many things (including your medications and dental history)  to come up with a personalised plan for you.

I want to make an appointment

Great! Contact us on 9379 3736 and we’ll organise an appointment for you!


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