School Holiday appointments still available!

candy and cavities
candy and cavities

Kids need their teeth checked in the school holidays?

The next two weeks off school is the ideal time for your children to get their teeth checked! Thanks to our fabulous new dentists Dr Alpa Lodhiya and Dr Sonia Sumer, we still have a few appointments available! We do checkups, cleaning and answer those questions about crooked teeth you’ve been dying to ask! Of course, Dr Christina Romanella, Dr Tina So and Dr Tim Wenas are working during the school holidays, though our appointments are a little harder to get at short notice. Try giving us a call on 9379 3736 to see what appointments are available!

Are YOU missing out on $1000 of free dental treatment for your kids?

If your kids are eligible for the CDBS (Child Dental Benefits Schedule), their dental treatment up to $1000 is fully covered (bulk billed) by Medicare! However, the Government has been trying to axe this scheme for months now.. If you’ve been putting it off – DON’T! When the deadline hits (end of 2016), it will no longer be available. Call us on 9379 3736 to get your children’s teeth checked, cleaned and sealed !

What are Tooth Sealants?

One of the best advances in modern treatment are tooth sealants. If you look at your back teeth closely, you’ll see lots of tiny grooves and pits that you often can’t clean properly. This is how a lot of cavities start off! By sealing these grooves before they’ve collapsed in, this reduce the risk of further tooth decay! It’s painless, easy, almost invisible to the eye, and for eligible kids they’re free under the Medicare CDBS. But as mentioned – free dental sealants under Medicare ends December 2016!


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