Verdant Dental – Dentists on Keilor Road? Yes We Are!

What a day – Verdant Dental fired up for the first time at 9am on Monday July 4th with a full team onboard;

  • Dr Tim Wenas
  • Dr Tina So
  • Dr Joe Versace
  • Dr Alpa Lodhiya

as well as the amazing team of Tanina, Agueda and Cherie to make sure everything was running smoothly.

We’re so grateful to our longterm patients who came to our doors to be greeted with a new sign and a poster informing them of the transition of the practice – and every single one of them gave us their congratulations, and said they were glad that the practice was going to stay in good hands – you don’t know how much that means to us!


We’re committed to providing amazing care, compassion and honest service to repay the trust that you’ve placed in us. Being dentists is not just drilling and filling – it’s the art of being relatable to our patients, developing a real, friendly relationship that grows year on year, being able to figure out and solve your problems, and to make sure you leave happy and content.

Big thanks to Cherie and Alpa who both started their first day with us and managed to survive the craziness that was Day One – the feedback from our patients was that they loved having you in the team!

We are still figuring out the roster, but it looks like Dr Alpa Lodhiya will be commencing one day a week (Thursday or Friday) until we can find the right superstar dental assistant to join our team to exand her hours.

Once again – we thank Dr Joseph Versace, Tanina Versace and their family for their incredible amount of support, patience – and for trusting us to look after their patients. Being working with Dr Versace for so long, our patients are truly more like an extended family, as we’ve been seeing them for years, sharing all the ups and downs of life.

Why not become part of our family? Call us on (03) 9379 3736 to make an appointment with the best dentists in Niddrie/Keilor – but of course all are welcome from everywhere!


Tim is the owner of Verdant Dental - but he'd rather spend all day playing with dogs and his Playstation. Except there's this "day job" thing where he actually enjoys talking and relating to his patients at Verdant Dental - creating healthier, happier smiles with a wonderful team to make the days fly by!