A new face coming to Verdant Dental – Dr Alpa Lodhiya (Kapadia)!


So I was thinking the other day how much has changed since I graduated back at the turn of the Millenium… phones were tied to the wall by long curly plastic wires, “Facebooks” was printed at the end of graduating, and we had to read things called Books that came from Libraries where all the information was contained.

Dr Alpa Lodhiya

But just an hour ago, I was Whatsapping a classmate of mine – Dr Alpa Lodhiya – who gave me some exciting news that’s she’s decided to lend her talents to Verdant Dental from July 2016!

Dr Alpa is one of the kindest and gentlest dentists I know – she particularly loves working with children and anxious patients, but also has an interest in minor oral surgery. And guess what – she actually worked with Dr Joseph Versace many years ago, before I came to join the team! So for some of you, it’ll be a welcome return for Dr Lodhiya (Kapadia) back to the team.


And just as I was thinking of advertising for a dental assistant to add to the team, I was Messengered by Cherie – and I last worked with her back in 2002! Nothing is firm yet, but I’m hopeful Cherie will come to join our team. I do miss her cheerful smile, great attitude and long (almost intimate….) chats with our patients!

Dr Tim


Tim is the owner of Verdant Dental - but he'd rather spend all day playing with dogs and his Playstation. Except there's this "day job" thing where he actually enjoys talking and relating to his patients at Verdant Dental - creating healthier, happier smiles with a wonderful team to make the days fly by!